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At Action Tents, we’ve provided Nashville, Lewisburg, and all of Central Tennessee with honest, dependable service for party tent rentals dance floor rentals, and more for over 25 years. We help take the stress out of event planning for all of our clients by offering expert advice and guidance.

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Since 1993, Action Tents has been the premier party rental supplier in Central Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, Northern Alabama, and beyond. No celebration is too big or small for our team. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of caring, attentive customer service. You can always expect the highest level of professionalism and organization when you work with us.

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General Tent FAQs

How many tables/chairs can you fit underneath a tent?

Long banquet tables are more efficient with floor space than round tables. An 8 ft banquet table will seat eight guests comfortably in 80 sq ft, and a 5 ft round table will seat eight guests comfortably in 100 sq ft.
We recommend diving the sq ft of the tent by 80 or 100 to get the number of tables, then multiply by eight to get the number of chairs. For example:

40×40 tent = 1600 sq ft, divided by 80 = 20 banquet tables = 160 chairs
40×40 tent = 1600 sq ft, divided by 100 = 16 round tables = 128 chairs

What size tent will I need?

For 50 guests: 20 x 30 sq ft, 20 x 40 sq ft, or 30 x 30 sq ft
For 100 guests: 30 x 40 sq ft, 30 x 50 sq ft, or 30 x 60 sq ft
For 150 guests: 30 x 60 sq ft, 40 x 60 sq ft, or 40 x 80 sq ft
For 200 guests: 40 x 60 sq ft, 40 x 80 sq ft, or 40 x 100 sq ft

What is the difference between a pole tent vs. a frame tent?

A pole tent will have one or more center poles to hold the top up, as well as side poles every 7—10 feet around the perimeter. These side poles pull outward from the top with ropes or straps held to the ground with tent stakes or anchors.

Are tent sides included in tent rentals?

Tent sides are not always needed, but if they are, we have options. We offer solid white sides, white sides with cathedral windows, and clear sides.

How long does it take to set up a tent?

Small to medium-sized tents can take 30 minutes to two hours for setup. Large tents can take 2—6 hours for setup.

How early should I reserve my tent & other rentals?

Generally, we recommend reserving your tent 3—6 months in advance to increase your choices in tent sizes. In peak seasons, most popular tents sizes will be committed every weekend.

Do I need a permit for my tent?

Some cities and metropolitan areas do require a temporary building permit. Check with your local codes department. Your tent rental provider may obtain the permit.

Can you install a tent on asphalt or pavement?

In most cases, yes, depending on the style of tent and if holes can be drilled in the pavement.

How much space do I need to set up a tent?

Pole tents need 6 feet on all four sides for stakes and ropes to secure the tent. Frame tents need 2 -3 feet in two directions for anchoring.

Can I cook/grill underneath tent?

Yes, if you have 8-10 feet of air space above the grill, plenty of air movement, and no open flame.

All About Action Tents: FAQs

What type chairs do you have available?

We offer white and brown folding chairs composed of powder-coated steel tubular frames with plastic seats and backs. We also have white wedding chairs: heavy resin frame with padded seats.

How do I pay for my party rental order and when is the payment due?

We accept cash, check or credit card. 50% deposit is required for a reservation and the balance is due on or before delivery.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel two months prior to the event date, you can expect a 100% deposit refund. If it is two weeks or more before the event, you can expect a 50% deposit refund, but if it is less than two weeks away, there is no refund.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

As long as payment arrangements have been made and we know where to set everything, you don’t have to be there.

What areas do you service?

We serve approximately, a 100 mile radius of Lewisburg (all of central Tennessee and some southern KY and northern AL).

What are your hours for delivery and pickup?

Mostly, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday and Saturday mornings. Weekends and late nights are overtime with charges.

Do you rent linens?

Yes, mostly from a third party linen company, but we have some in-house for last minute changes.

What if linens are lost?

Replacement costs will apply if lost or damaged in any way.

Do dance floor rentals require some kind of covering?

Yes, we offer three types of dance floor. All need to be under some shelter from sun and rain. We have a 4″ platform that doesn’t need to be covered.

Is there a charge for table/chair setup?

Yes, $1.00 per table and $0.75 for chairs.

Can you regulate tent temperature?

Yes, we have some heaters to help warm the air if it is above 35 degrees. For the summertime, we do not offer cooling as it is too expensive. We have fans to stir the air and help keep you cooler.

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